David Vassilaros, Esq.

David D. VassilarosDavid guides the activities of Account Management, Compliance, Veris Operations, and ConnectCare3, and is fortunate to work with a team of strong leaders with expertise in self-funding and health care.

“After so many years of excellent service, there is now an expectation that working with Benecon will make our clients’ jobs easier.  Across the board, the people here take responsibility for doing just that.”

A Pennsylvania licensed attorney, David spent five formative years as the leader responsible for all things health care reform at Capital BlueCross before joining Benecon in 2013.  Working closely with customers, brokers, and regulators taught him the value of deep knowledge combined with great service.

Studies at The University of Connecticut School of Law, where he focused on insurance and health care law, followed a degree in economics from Muhlenberg College (magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa).

“Make your success like you make your bed – every single day.”

beneconDavid Vassilaros, Esq.