Jill Brewster, CPA

Jill BrewsterJill’s areas of responsibility and oversight include corporate accounting, human resources and information technology for Benecon and ConnectCare3.  In addition, she is very involved with the financial and cash management aspects of the consortium and cooperative business and often works with outside accounting firms.

“Our finance team is responsible for tracking an enormous sum of health insurance premium on behalf of all our member groups.  We take that responsibility very seriously.”

After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the University of Delaware, Jill started her career in public accounting.  During her tenure at national, regional, and local public accounting firms she also obtained her CPA designation.  After leaving public accounting, she worked for a non-profit organization and a privately held corporation.  She brought over twenty years of work experience to Benecon and it lined up very well with her current and quite varied job responsibilities.

“Treat your clients, colleagues and staff with the same level of respect.”

beneconJill Brewster, CPA