Mark Kunkle

Mark KunkleMark joined the Benecon team in 2017 with a focus on the Maryland municipal and county market.  In addition to efforts to grow and retain local government members of the public sector consortiums, he has worked to educate prospective municipal clients about the benefits of self-funding their health insurance benefits using the Benecon model.

“Change is difficult for organizations and its employees. Education and inclusive decision making is a key to successful changes.”

Mark served as a professional municipal manager for 38 years, and has been past chair of the PennPRIME Trust and Pennsylvania Municipal Health Insurance Cooperative. He has been recognized as a Credentialed City/County Manager by ICMA.  Mark holds his BA degree In Urban Affairs from Wilkes University and a MPA in Public Administration from Marywood University.

 “Besides pride, loyalty, discipline, heart, and mind, confidence is the key to all the locks.” Joe Paterno

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