Public Sector Programs

The Benecon model saves our clients money, shines a light on costs, and transfers the burden of complexity from your shoulders to ours.

Municipal leaders and employees work hard to keep our counties, towns, and neighborhoods safe. Who’s looking out for them?

Benecon is. We help them save millions of dollars in employee health benefit costs, so they can continue offering the best service to their residents and communities.

Get relief from spiraling rates

Annual double-digit premium increases will strain any budget, and the public sector is no exception. Our approach to joint purchasing allows public entities to self-fund their employee health benefits in a safe and transparent environment.

The end result? Stabilized health insurance premium growth and control of health insurance costs.

Do business with the most experienced cooperative creator

The Benecon cooperative story began in 1991 with the creation of the first Pennsylvania municipal cooperative, formed exclusively for the purpose of joint purchasing of health insurance benefits. From its early beginnings with only four municipalities, our programs now span multiple states, and our experience is unmatched.

Enjoy proven success and stability

A strong partnership between the public entities, major health insurance companies, and reinsurance carriers is a key component of Benecon’s cooperatives. Much more than just vendors, these true partners are essential to achieving year-to-year stability for public clients of all sizes.

From 2006-2014, our public sector cooperatives have returned over $227 million to their members, while boasting a retention rate in excess of 98%.

During this same time period, cooperative membership has grown by nearly 400%. We invite you to connect with us and see why. Visit one of our municipal cooperatives’ website to learn more.

Enjoy additional program benefits

Benecon offers many other ancillary benefits to assist our clients. These include dental, vision, life, AD&D, and a unique workers’ compensation pool called Susquehanna Municipal Trust, which boasts 100% retention over twenty years of service. Our wellness consulting and nurse navigator programs through ConnectCare3 complete the health care picture.

Contact a team member today to learn more.

  • With Benecon’s assistance, we have finally attained the stability in premiums and insurance providers that we had been looking for in our medical plan. I have found the Benecon staff to be very responsive to our needs and any issues that may arise. Benecon’s compliance division has provided much needed support in navigating the Affordable Care Act.

    Darlene Childs, Manager, Human Resources – City of Westminster
  • We joined the PMHIC program in 2012 and we could not be more pleased with the results. The first two years we received surplus returns of over $400,000. We never would have had that opportunity with our previous fully-insured program. The surplus returns combined with excellent customer service made our decision an excellent one for the City of Lock Haven.

    Rich Marcinkevage, Manager – City of Lock Haven
  • Benecon is a tremendous asset and municipal partner. I was extremely pleased with Benecon’s services, their professional staff, and timely response/customer service.

    Susan, Borough Manager
  • We have a strong, capable Trust Administrator in Benecon with primary client contacts being accomplished by former municipal managers.

    David, Borough Manager
  • Thank you for the webinar information yesterday. You always seem to present things so that the content is easier to absorb. Thank you for all the time you put into these presentations.

    Maureen Hartman, Lower Windsor Twp.
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