One size doesn’t fit all, which is why we have so many service options under one roof. We specialize in unusual solutions that reduce costs and prevent headaches.

Experience Matters

Twenty-five years in business and over a billion dollars in premium equivalent means our clients find value in what we do.  Please explore what we offer and, as always, get in touch with any questions or what-if scenarios you may have.

Private Sector Program Administration

We are deeply committed to helping employers gain control of their employee health benefit spending. Often, you can keep the same plan and coverage, but reap unexpected savings. We can show you how.

Public Sector Program Administration

We created the first health insurance purchasing cooperatives and self-funded workers compensation pools for municipalities, counties and school districts in Pennsylvania. Now a multi-state offering, the millions of dollars in returned premiums and a 98% retention rate prove just how effective these programs are for our clients.

Producer Services and Support

Producers who partner with Benecon have access to both self-funded and traditional health plans, as well as substantial administrative support and benefits. We keep you competitive in an ever-changing market.

Actuarial Consulting

Information is power. Our actuarial study and projection resources can provide the basis for negotiating pricing and plan designs with your insurance carriers.


We know how to comply with employee benefit laws, to administer group benefit plans, and to answer questions about these plans for employers and their employees. Learn more about our support, protection, and education.

Wellness Consulting

ConnectCare3 can reduce health claim costs, increase productivity, and lower stress due to health concerns. From expert patient advocacy to wellness consulting, we unlock the healthcare system.