Keep your current plan, save money, and control your costs. VERIS gives you the advantage.

Hoober + VERIS = millions saved

We wanted to bring that same innovation we developed in the public sector into the private sector. Our solution? VERIS.

VERIS came into existence to address the need of middle-market employers to gain control over their employee health benefit spending.

Affordable, accessible, and actionable. VERIS is the alternative.

Chances are you know the pain of rising rates, no matter how well you try to manage costs and risk.  Cutting benefits to save money isn’t the long-term answer. Let us show you how VERIS puts self-insured health plans within your reach.

Already self-insured on your own? You may be exposed to more risk and costs than you need to be.  Benecon’s unique and time-tested financing model can save you money today and protect you from excessive increases in the future.

Whether you have 50 employees or 1500, we can help you get the most value from your health benefit budget. Get in touch with us and we’ll show you how it works.

In competitive labor markets, the best package can help attract top talent.

Comprehensive affordable health insurance is the centerpiece of a benefit package attractive enough to win talent in a competitive labor market. And we can help you strengthen your plan with ancillary benefits that include dental, vision, life, AD&D, and a unique workers’ compensation pool. Our wellness consulting and nurse navigator programs round out what we believe is a comprehensive and user-friendly set of benefits attractive to the best workers in your market.

  • Hoober, Inc. has been in Benecon's private sector consortium, VERIS, since its inception. We had been self-insured for quite some time, but never felt like we had control over the ever-increasing stop-loss insurance costs. With VERIS, we have not lost any of the advantages of being self-insured but have gained the purchasing power of a much larger group. When you combine this with Benecon's compliance department, ConnectCare3, and support to improve employee wellness and benefits, it continues to be a great partnership.

    Brad Hoffer, Director of Finance – Hoober, Inc.