ConnectCare3, our sister company, helps you build a culture of health through wellness consulting and independent, third-party patient nurse navigation and patient advocacy

How We Unlock the Healthcare System

Health care coverage should attract great employees, keeping them well and productive. Unfortunately, over 67% of patients do not understand their diagnosis and treatment plans, so the likelihood of lost productivity, stress, and unnecessary expense is high. Health claims soar and good people perform below potential, either due to their own health problems or because of stress about family members as they try to navigate a maze of treatment options and providers.

As a Benecon client, your access to ConnectCare3 nurse navigators and patient advocates will unlock the health care system to make it function as it truly should. We also offer expert wellness consulting and a free, Do-It-Yourself playbook to help you jumpstart your own culture of health, impacting quality of life and health.

Save money, increase productivity, and foster employee peace of mind. Ask us how ConnectCare3 can serve your company and your people.

  • I feel it is imperative to offer such a wonderful program to our employees, which is included in their current health care benefit package.

    Barb Bartek, HR Manager in Forks Township