Benecon 360°

An interactive experience designed specifically for our valued consultant partners.

We Invite You to Join Benecon 360°

The platform provides a comprehensive view of your Benecon business with valuable insight about existing groups and status updates for new business quotes.

What can Benecon 360° Do for You?

A simplified strategy, all in one spot.


Plan Details

See existing group information including Benecon & group contacts, carrier information, active plan information and more


Seamless Renewals

Updated renewal process that offers easy online options for plan change and other requests


Easy Implementations

Follow along with new group implementation process


Real Time RFPs

Real time status updates about RFPs and the ability to easily submit questions or updates to Benecon’s Quote Team


Online Quoting

Submit new RFPs with an improved online quoting form

card-image Access

Access all of your Benecon folders in one place

Interested in Joining Benecon 360°?

Contact a Benecon representative for more information or to get started.