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Cost Containment

ConnectCare3’s customized cost containment solutions are created in close partnership with employers and their consultants.

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Our Strategy

We begin with employee wellness, education, and the incentivization of healthy behaviors. We leverage Benecon Analytics to identify cost drivers and develop a strategic plan. Finally, we have developed an exclusive marketplace directory to tackle some of today’s most challenging cost drivers. There is no easy button when it comes to containing rising healthcare costs, but Benecon is committed to helping our partners and their customers to not only contain costs but thrive with an empowered and healthier workforce.

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Benecon Analytics

Benecon Analytics provides self-insured employers with the ability to easily unlock the claims data on their health plan. Our platform consolidates your medical and pharmacy claims from your TPA/PBM and presents it back to you in an easy to understand format to unlock the details of how and where healthcare dollars are spent.

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Clinical Services

  • Patient Advocacy
  • Nurse Navigation
  • Nutrition Education
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Chronic Disease Management & Prevention
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Wellness Solutions

  • Evaluate your organization’s wellness needs
  • Develop a targeted approach to wellness
  • Enhance an existing wellness program
  • Increase employee engagement
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Wellness Platform & App

  • Included as part of the ConnectCare3 benefit
  • Increase awareness of ConnectCare3’s clinical services
  • Engage employees with incentives & challenges
  • Improve employee health literacy

Saving Examples

Diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer and scheduled for surgery and chemotherapy.

What happened: He called ConnectCare3 to work with a nurse navigator and find a second opinion.

Outcome: Upon second opinion it was discovered that he was misdiagnosed and he only needed active surveillance, not surgery and/or chemotherapy.

Potential savings: $60,000

53 y/o Male Nurse Navigation

Diagnosed with rectal cancer after an MRI, 1 year after his last colonoscopy.  Patient was scheduled for surgery to remove the cancer.

What happened: He called ConnectCare3 to work with a nurse navigator for appointment questions, and he agreed to a second opinion when the nurse discussed the process.

Outcome: Patient was misdiagnosed due to a spot from fluid used to remove a polyp during his previous colonoscopy.  Patient did not need surgery, only frequent colonoscopies.

Potential savings: $65,000

52 y/o Male Nurse Navigation

High blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and the inability for sustained activity.

What happened: She contacted ConnectCare3 to work with our Chronic Disease Management team.

Outcome: She reversed her diabetes to pre-diabetes, reduced her BMI by 12%, no longer requires blood pressure medications, and she is able to hike for 60 minutes.

Potential savings: $7,000

60 y/o Female Chronic Disease Management & Prevention

Struggles with back pain. Local orthopedic surgeon is treating with injections and physical therapy.

What happened: She called ConnectCare3 to find second opinions, and she was seen at a regional center of excellence.

Outcome: Surgery was not recommended at the site of the second opinion.  Physical therapy was recommended and completed over the course of 6 weeks.

Potential savings: $56,000

54 y/o Female Nurse Navigation

Diagnosed with breast cancer requiring high dose chemotherapy and radiation.

What happened: She contacted ConnectCare3 looking to better understand her diagnosis and treatment options.

Outcome: The nurse educated the patient on her diagnosis and planned treatment.  The nurse also informed the patient how to obtain a second opinion, and the patient went to a regional center of excellence, and it was determined that she did not need radiation as part of her treatment.

Potential savings: $45,000

42 y/o Female Nurse Navigation

BMI greater than 40. Client also complained of right knee pain, and hoped to decrease BMI for knee surgery.

What happened: He contacted ConnectCare3 to work with our Chronic Disease Management Team.

Outcome: He lost 65lbs, decreasing his BMI to 34.7.  He no longer has knee pain requiring surgery.

Potential savings: $28,000

34 y/o Male Chronic Disease Management & Prevention

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