Savings, Stability & Control

Many employers struggle with the lack of transparency and ability to plan when it comes to their health benefits.  Benecon can change that.


VERIS Gives You More

Members of the VERIS Benefits Consortium have total access to both financial and utilization data and complete control over their plan design.  VERIS members choose their funding options and are protected by guaranteed renewals and a “no new laser” provision.  What’s even better is that all funding dollars are 100% managed by the member groups.  Anything not spent at year-end is returned as surplus.



What’s it like to work with Benecon?

“VERIS has been a game changer for our firm providing us with a great competitive advantage….
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Pay for what you use

A Benecon Premier Producer presented VERIS to one of their clients – a national construction…
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VERIS Case Study

“You can’t buy insurance after the house is on fire.”
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