Benecon Analytics

Offering the insight you need to make sure your health plan is 100% optimized.

Transparency in Claims

Claims analytics provides self-insured employers with the ability to easily unlock the claims data on their health plan. Our platform consolidates your medical and pharmacy claims from your TPA/PBM and presents it back to you in an easy to understand format to unlock the details of how and where healthcare dollars are spent.

Financial Reporting Package

Answer questions such as: How much did our plan cost overall? How are we performing vs. expected? How will the plan year end?

Chronic Condition Gaps in Care

Understand the distribution of chronic conditions within your population and how well those conditions are being managed.

Total Transparency

Login at any time to intuitively search all of your claims data, view dashboards, and access our on-demand report library.

Actionable Insights

Discover claims expenses or patterns that may lead to making changes in network or plan design.


Knowledge is Power

Knowing the health of your people. Knowing where and why your plan is working. Knowing how you can improve overall cost and coverage. With Benecon Analytics, a range of detailed reporting is always at your fingertips to give you the knowledge you need.


Fixed Cost Reporting

Understand the fixed versus variable components of your plan costs.


Preventive Gaps in Care

Understand how often your employees are using their preventive service benefits.


Large Claims Tracking

Understand and follow large cases.


Block of Business Dashboards

Consultants can search for and manage population health conditions across their entire book of business.


Carrier Integration

Track population costs and utilization over time across any network.

Benecon Analytics Platform

Access to analytics at your fingertips