The Self-Funded Alternative to Traditional Health Plans

Helping employers find superior, cost-effective, self-funded solutions while providing quality coverage for employees.

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For more than 30 years, we have helped companies create and manage their own custom health plans to save money and gain control.








Self-Funding: Your Competitive Advantage

Gain control over your healthcare costs with a customized self-funded plan. Reduce expenses, empower employees, and minimize risk with Benecon’s expert guidance.

Benecon partners with employee benefits consultants and companies to offer a full range of ancillary services.

RFP and Implementation

Our consultants provide step-by-step support while planning, executing, and monitoring the rollout of a new health benefits plan.

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Build the plan that fits your workforce and your budget, not one dictated by the insurance company.

Claims Navigation

Our consultants can assist employees with complex or disputed health insurance claims, advocating for them and helping them understand their benefits and the appeals process.

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Beyond claims help, we ensure employees fully grasp their coverage and benefits. We translate confusing medical jargon and empower them to make informed choices about their healthcare.

Contract Renewal

We focus on identifying potential risks, ensuring compliance with regulations, negotiating favorable terms, and clarifying any ambiguities.

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Insurance language can be a minefield. We break down complex terms, providing clear explanations to help clients make confident and well-informed decisions.

Renewal Governance

Benecon aims to ensure renewals are timely, data-driven, cost-effective, and aligned with company goals.

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Our analytics turn claims data into actionable insights. This drives informed decisions about plan design, carrier negotiations, and cost-containment strategies.

Combine the power of Benecon’s full suite of services with the VERIS Benefits Consortium and give employers the peace of mind they need to build better businesses.

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Self-Funding Solved

Benecon’s industry-leading VERIS benefits platform is a consultant-driven solution for creating and managing group benefits programs tailored specifically for long-term company and employee needs.

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Cost Containment Tailored to You

Harness the power of ConnectCare3 and VERIS for actionable data insights. Implement targeted wellness programs, optimize benefits usage, and achieve sustainable cost savings.

Pioneering Self-Funding as a Service

Tired of limited traditional insurance options? Benecon delivers the industry’s first self-funded health benefits platform as a service. Our tech-enabled solutions make it easy for employers to create optimal self-funded plans, reducing risk and costs.

Truth & Strength with VERIS

Transparency doesn’t scare us. In fact, it’s the foundation on which we build our relationships. It is what gives employers the best way to purchase and offer health benefits to their employees.

You’ll always be in good company


The VERIS Benefits Consortium has been a game changer for our firm providing us with a great competitive advantage.  More importantly, it has provided our clients with a more efficient alternative funding strategy.  We really enjoy our partnership with Benecon.

Travis, Agency Principal GEORGIA

For us, it has totally redefined the renewal process.  We’re not going to the market anymore; going to 10+ different carriers trying to chase the best price.  The renewal process has become a lot smoother for our agency because of the transparency.

Brad, Agency President PENNSYLVANIA

Benecon really helps us change the conversation with our clients.  We often hear, ‘I can’t afford to be self-funded’.  Through the VERIS Consortium, clients can’t afford ‘not to be self-funded’.

Mark, Agency President PENNSYLVANIA

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