Redefining Self-Funding

Interest in self-funding has exploded since the introduction of the ACA, but historically there hasn’t been a safe and effective alternative in the 25-1000 life market.  To truly have an advantage in the market, consider VERIS.  Developed and administered by The Benecon Group, VERIS is a real solution for employee benefits.  The time-proven, producer-driven program leverages Benecon’s stop loss purchasing power and provides greater control and transparency.  It’s a health insurance alternative that is client focused, offering greater protection and savings.


Lower Costs & Better Returns


  • Benecon’s purchasing power secures stop loss insurance at wholesale pricing, along with volume discounts
  • Independent actuaries price the program – not the insurance carrier
  • Claim risk is limited and capped; volatile risk is transferred to the stop loss carrier
  • Your clients only pay for what they use and retain 100% of unused cash at the end of the year

The Value of VERIS


  • Eliminate the pitfalls of stand alone self-funding or carrier level-funded products
  • Control over benefits and choice of ASO/TPA partner
  • Healthy balance of fixed costs vs. claims funding
  • Full transparency of all claims and premium
  • No risk sharing on capital investment

Ready to introduce your clients to VERIS?

It’s easy to become a Benecon Consultant Partner.  Enjoy the benefits of controlling your own client interaction and compensation.