VERIS On-Demand Webinars

An archive of previous VERIS webinars on-demand.

Brintan Madonna

Self-Funding Solved

Presented by Brintan Madonna,
Executive Vice President of Sales & Producer Services

There are plenty of ways for employers to fund their health plans and plenty of pros & cons that can come with each of the options. Combining self-funding safety features with complete cost transparency, we’ve created the ultimate employee benefits solution.

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How Does VERIS Compare to Fully Insured Plans?

Claudia BurchsteadPresented by Claudia Burchstead,
Regional Vice President of Sales

We unpack the misconceptions of fully insured plans and learn how:

      • Fully insured manual hurts those with favorable experience
      • If a group performs poorly they have little protection
      • Brokers are incented to “keep” groups with certain carriers
      • Most benefit changes are based off price and shift costs to employees

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Jarred Texter

How Does VERIS Compare to Level Funding?

Presented by Jarred Texter,
Regional Vice President of Sales

Is VERIS the same as the level funded plans offered by many of the carriers, or is VERIS entirely different? Learn more about VERIS and see how it is a unique alternative funding solution that works.

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Best Practices for Quoting VERIS During Q4

Mario CiveraPresented by Mario Civera,
Regional Vice President of Sales

As we approach fourth quarter, Benecon is primed to be your strategic partner and client retention solution! We’re here to help with your Q4 quoting needs with the VERIS Benefits Consortium.

VERIS is available to select consultants across the country and provides your clients a long-term strategy that offers transparency and savings.

Learn more about partnering with Benecon and quoting with VERIS.

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The funding solution for a long-term mindset

Matt CartaPresented by Matt Carta,
Sales Director

Every health plan funding method “works” when employees are healthy and claims are light. But, how do you capture even more upside? Also, what happens when the claims are high and the health plan is performing poorly? In a world of rising and catastrophic claim costs, every group needs a long-term strategy for managing risk safely and effectively.

Find out how Benecon partners with benefit consultants to provide a winning long-term strategy through the VERIS Benefits Consortium.

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Steve Barr

Client Focused Self-Funding

Presented by Steve Barr,
Sales Director

An industry veteran with over 30 years of experience at a leading insurer shares his VERIS Consortium observations.

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Robin Richardson

Seeing Success with Self-Funding

Presented by Robin Richardson,
Senior Sales Director

Real life examples of how VERIS has helped thousands of employers safely self-fund and ultimately see savings and success.

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Samantha Jones & Connor Whitacre

Actuarial & Underwriting Insights

Presented by Samantha Jones & Connor Whitacre,
Corporate Actuary & Associate Sales Director

Are you curious about the specifics when it comes to health plan pricing? Ever wonder what drives renewal premiums? Do high claims really have “that much” of an impact? Benecon’s actuarial models have stood the test of time. Join us to learn how our actuarial insights can lead to better outcomes for employers and their health plans.

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