VERIS Brochure

Safety, Stability, and Control

VERIS is a unique funding arrangement that offers a great employee benefit solution to help you attract and retain clients. VERIS pulls the good elements from each of the popular types of funding in the market and eliminates the risk.

  • Unlike the carrier level-funded plans, VERIS is a product that allows clients to choose
    network and plan design
  • Set your own consultant partner compensation on every case
  • No upfront capital required to join VERIS
  • No new lasers at renewal
  • Members are 100% in control of any year-end surplus; VERIS doesn’t keep any of the funds
  • Lower admin fees than captive models
  • Established experience – VERIS is administered by Benecon with 30+ years of experience
    and 98% client retention

The VERIS Difference

VERIS Brochure 2023