Self-funding Solved

Offering quality health benefits can be expensive for employers. Self-funding provides savings over traditional insurance, but it is safe for all employers? Self-funding through Benecon’s VERIS Consortium is the answer.



1850+ groups and 185,000+ employees covered in the VERIS Consortium 

Financial Leverage & Group Purchasing Power

  •  Benecon manages $580 million of stop loss premium with $2.5 billion in total funding 
  • Guaranteed renewable 
  • No new lasers in perpetuity 
  • Rate caps at renewal 
  • 100% surplus return on unused claim dollars 

Independent Actuaries

  • Benecon actuaries set the rates, not carrier underwriters. Our goal is to ensure rates are set fairly – we’re not chasing financial returns. 
  • There are no hidden fees or buy-in requirements. Groups pay for what they use and keep what they don’t. 


  • Claims Data & Analytics Platform and provide access to all data 
  • Financial – total reporting of where every penny is spent within a group’s health plan

Solving self-funding for everyone