The ConnectCare3 Benefit

ConnectCare3 services are an enhancement to an individual’s medical benefits and are available at no additional cost to employees and their dependents covered on a group’s health plan. We offer solutions to help our members build health literacy and reduce barriers to care while aiming to help employers with cost reduction strategies through our wellness solutions services. ConnectCare3 is a unique independent advocate, and we have no affiliation with any insurance carrier or hospital system.


Clinical Services

Patient Advocacy

  • Support clinical team with provider and social service resources

Nurse Navigation

  • Assist patients in understanding their diagnosis and treatment options
  • Prepare questions for physician appointments
  • Identify well-credentialed physicians for second opinions
  • Provide clinical support throughout diagnosis

Chronic Disease Management & Prevention

  • Multidisciplinary team of registered nurses, registered dietitians, and certified health coaches
  • Assist individuals with prediabetes, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or obesity
  • Provide the resources and support to make and sustain healthy lifestyle changes needed to improve health

Nutrition Education

  • Help patients understand the connection between diet and health by providing nutritional assessments and healthy meal plans
  • Promote healthy and sustainable dietary changes to decrease risk of disease

Tobacco Cessation

  • Work one-on-one with certified health coaches to achieve and maintain a tobacco-free life
  • Can be used as reasonable alternative program

Wellness Solutions


  • ConnectCare3 will evaluate an organization’s needs and assist them in accomplishing a wide range of goals. This can be straightforward, such as developing an employee engagement strategy and providing ready-for-use educational tools, or as expansive as building a wellness committee and creating a 3-5 year strategic wellness plan.


  • ConnectCare3 will help employers design wellness programming suited specifically to their organization’s culture and demographics. We can provide wellness campaigns and educational resources on relevant and timely health topics. Employers can use these resources to support their wellness initiatives with minimal added work required for them. We can also assist employers in exploring incentives as an employee engagement tool.


  • ConnectCare3 will equip groups with marketing materials, webinars, and other communication tools to help drive the utilization of ConnectCare3 services. We also connect employers with additional wellness resources from their insurance carrier, employee assistance program, or within the community that may be available at little to no cost. We can help identify the most appropriate wellness vendors, if needed, for screening services.

Clinical & Solutions Overview