The ConnectCare3 Benefit

ConnectCare3 is a confidential service provided as an added benefit to those utilizing the Benecon self-funding model.




Clinical Services

The ConnectCare3 benefit is available to you, your employees, and dependents on the provided health plan.


Services Available:

  • Patient advocacy
  • Nurse Navigation
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Nutrition Education

Learn more about our services at or attend one of our “Understanding the ConnectCare3 Benefit” webinars.





Wellness Consulting

As an employer, you have access to our Wellness Consulting team.

The consulting team is able to help you utilize all of the wellness resources available to your organization in order to create a robust and well-rounded wellness program.


Consulting Services:

  • Wellness programming
  • Utilization of Resources
  • Incentive Design
  • Program Evaluation
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Compliance Review and Policy Design

For more information about how our consulting team can partner with you, reach out to

ConnectCare3 Resources

With the ConnectCare3 benefit, you not only have access to our services but also our resources. Check out our material catalog to view all of the resources available to communicate the ConnectCare3 benefit, and our library of targeted health information. Reach out to for any material request.