ConnectCare3 is a dedicated team of Registered Nurses, Patient Advocates, Health Coaches and a Registered Dietitian that are available to you as you navigate your health and wellness journey.


  • Whether you need assistance understanding a diagnosis and available treatment options, or simply want to develop healthier habits
  • All of the services are completely confidential and are not shared with employers or insurance carriers
  • ConnectCare3 is an employer sponsored benefit, meaning, your employer pays for you to have access to the services because they care about your health and well-being


Common Reasons to Call:

A diagnosis is needed to work with a Nurse Navigator.  To work with a Health Coach you only need the desire to reach a health goal.

Nurse Navigation


  • Need help understanding your diagnosis
  • Request clinical research from your Nurse Navigator to understand your diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Would like help preparing for physician appointments
Health Coaching


  • Ready to set and meet health goals
  • Need assistance making lifestyle changes to improve biometric numbers
  • Would like health education on living a healthier lifestyle

An employer sponsored benefit to aid you on your health and wellness journey.

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